MICHAEL ALLEN                                    Lead Vocals/Percussion

Michael Allen (AKA Whiskey)                                    

Michael has performed in the entertainment business for over 20 years.  Starting as a drummer when he was a young boy he played in school Jazz, Concert and Solo bands for Festivals, Concerts and Competitions. After high school he went on to play and perform in Top 40 groups for Night Clubs and Parties until a tragic football accident had left him on crouches for two years, he could no longer drum.  While trying to recuperate from his injury he picked up the Bass Guitar and started singing.  Reaching a level of confidence to perform, he began playing in popular Top 40 bands as Bass Player and Lead Front Singer entertaining Festivals, Corporations, Night Clubs and Private Parties, traveling all up and down the West Coast States for a number of years. Michael once again had to stop playing due to a family illness and had to take a long Hyades so he could provide emotional support to his family.
He sprung back into the entertainment field three years ago with a solo project that allowed him to sing a wide variety of songs from many genres.  He performed for Private Parties, Restaurants and Wineries until leaving California and moving to San Antonio.
The nick name Whiskey came from the fact that there is always a cold glass of Jack Daniels on ice near him while performing.
Getting back to his roots and the number one thing that drives his passion for performing live music is pleasing the audience through participation and interaction so they can relax, dance and have a well-deserved good time.

ROBERT GARCIA                                   Lead Guitar/Vocals

Robert picked up guitar at age 15 and has  been playing and performing in bands for several years, which have included gigs in Austin, Dallas, California, Chicago, New Orleans, San Antonio and Las Vegas.  Robert enjoys all types of Budweiser and Whataburger products.

STEVE GONZALES                                  Drums/Vocals


Steven Gonzalez has been a drumming staple in San Antonio since the early 80s. He has been a founding member of bands, such as The Hollering, The Hitmen, The BeWires, and Bliss. He also had a very successful career freelancing with many bands as well. His experience has allowed him to play all over the Southern U. S., and in a variety of European countries. His musical genres include top 40, classic rock, rock, country, Texas country, and aspires to play jazz one day.                                  

JEF MALDONADO                                      Bass/Vocals

Jef started his musical career on a street corner with a bucket and a stick.  One of his biggest passions, besides entertaining,

is eating Taco Bell, he loves him some Chalupa.

At the age of 65 Jef contributes his good looks to cleansing.

Jef biggest hope is to obtain a drivers license so his mother will not have to drive him everywhere.



Email: theelementsband5@gmail.com   


Phone: (210) 982-2802