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MICHAEL ALLEN                            Lead Vocals/Percussion

(AKA Whiskey)                                    

Michael has performed in the entertainment business for over 20 years. Starting as a drummer when he was a young boy he played in school Jazz, Concert and Solo bands for Festivals, Concerts and Competitions. After high school he went on to play and perform in Top 40 groups for Night Clubs and Parties until a tragic football accident had left him on crouches for two years, he could no longer drum.  While trying to recuperate from his injury he picked up the Bass Guitar and started singing.  Reaching a level of confidence to perform, he began playing in popular Top 40 bands as Bass Player and Lead Front Singer entertaining Festivals, Corporations, Night Clubs and Private Parties, traveling all up and down the West Coast States for a number of years. Michael once again had to stop playing due to a family illness and had to take a long Hyades so he could provide emotional support to his family.
He sprung back into the entertainment field three years ago with a solo project that allowed him to sing a wide variety of songs from many genres.  He performed for Private Parties, Restaurants and Wineries until leaving California. Now in Arizona, Whiskey is ready to perform.
The nickname Whiskey came from the fact that there is always a cold glass of Jack Daniels on ice near him while performing.
Getting back to his roots and the number one thing that drives his passion for performing live music is pleasing the audience through participation and interaction so they can relax, dance and have a well-deserved good time.

RICK HENRY                                                Lead Guitar

Rick is a versatile guitarist at home with blues, R&B, funk, rock and country.  Rather than being the center of attention, he is more comfortable playing within the group and for the song, enjoying the opportunity to step out and play lead but just as willing to let the vocals shine through.

 Hailing originally from the sunshine state of Florida, he played up and down the east coast before moving to Raleigh. Spent his time in bands playing the college circuit before moving on to the Windy City. In Chicago, Rick played in several bands over a 17 year period gigging in bars and the many festivals in the city as well as in the surrounding suburbs.  

Upon arriving in Chicago 12 years ago, he was fortunate to have found a home in the J. Powers Band, playing with them for 10 years until the singer passed away. The J. Powers band played throughout the Phoenix area, suburbs, Prescott, Page and several trips to Laughlin and Temeculah, California. 

Rick is excited for the opportunity to get out and show what the band The Elements has to offer and looking forward to seeing all his friends coming to the shows and having a great time.

ROBERT CASSERO                                         Bass

Robert Was Born in San Francisco and experienced first hand the iconic and historic music scene of the Bay Area from the early 60’s through the 90’s. Big Brother, Santana, The Grateful Dead were among his first bands to be seen as up and coming bands playing for free in Golden Gate Park. Followed by The Doobie Brothers, Journey, Sly and the Family Stone and many other great bands. His first intro to actually playing music was when moving to a new high school mid year, one of the only classes left with an opening was Band 101. Finding his passion in music, he was in every band that the school had to offer, playing many different instruments from Trumpet to percussion. After High School he embarked on a long journey as a bassist in heavy rock bands. Finally landing a financial backer and recording a Demo for shopping in LA to try and get a record deal, his band was lost in the LA shuffle and put on a shelf. Several years later he embarked on a several months long western state tour with a variety band as a Bassist.

Finally realizing that he would have to support his wife and two children, he went back to college and re-trained himself as a commercial pilot. After a long career, finally retired from the Airlines and is now able to pursue his dream and revitalize his passion in music.

COREY ROBERTS                                            Drums

Born and raised in New York, Corey picked up the drums at an early age and studied for 6 years with the late great Gary Chester, one of the most recorded studio drummers in history and author of the New Breed.  While living in NYC and raising a family, Corey recorded for various artists and spent 10 years with an original rock band named Loaded.  Loaded recoded 3 albums, was signed by 2 record labels and gigged regularly in NYC including at the famed Bitter End.  

Corey, his wife Phyllis, and now college age children Sam and Ginger moved to Scottsdale in 2009.  “My family and music are central to my life and the fuel for my soul.  I am very proud to be joining The Elements.”

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