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Michael Allen   (AKA Whiskey) 


Michael has performed in the entertainment business for over 20 years.  Starting in the 80's playing a wide variety of genres, the group would play five to seven nights a week.

Michael had to stop playing in the late 90's due to a family illness and had to take a long hyades so he could provide emotional and physical support to his family.
He sprung back into the entertainment field three years ago with a solo project that allowed him to sing a wide variety of songs from many genres.  He performed for Private Parties, Restaurants and Wineries until leaving California. Now in Arizona, Whiskey is ready to step it up a notch.

The nickname Whiskey came from the fact that there is always a cold glass of Jack Daniels on ice near him while performing.
Getting back to his roots and the number one thing that drives his passion for performing live music is pleasing the audience through participation and interaction so they can relax, dance and have a well-deserved good time.

Walter Murphy                                Lead Guitar/Vocals

New to Phoenix from Chicago’s music scene, Walter’s love for music is evident the moment he picks up the guitar. Major influences have been George Lynch, Michael Romeo, Dimebag Darrell, and a powerful bottle of red wine, not necessarily in that order. He lived the 80’s in hard rock and metal bands and even did the L.A. thing. He is no stranger to a stage and still loves the rush of the unpredictability of a live show.

So what the heck is a metal dude doing in a commercial band? It just sounds killer!


Walter Band Pic 1 edit.jpeg

Scott Welsh                                                    Drums

Scott is a great guy always looking to save puppies and kittens from bad situations (weather they need it or not). He now houses twenty cute puppies and thirty spunky kittens. 

He is very resourceful with the limited space in his double wide.

Before bed he always reads a good book and enjoys a plate of Anchovies.

(More bio to come)

Scott Band Pic 1 edit.png

Steve Rudolph                                         Bass / Vocals

Steve hails from the east coast/midwest. He moved from the Chicago area to Arizona this past year. A 35 year+ drummer turned 5-stringer, he loves infectious grooves and lives for musical and outdoor adventures. Following in his late concert violinist/professor fathers’ footsteps as a musician and performer, he is energized by audience participation and the perfect cocktail. Influenced by Mozart, Led Zeppelin, Judas Priest, RHCP and Soundgarden, Steve has one mission; delivering the groove one measure at a time..

Steve Rudolph Pic 2 edit.jpg

Susan                                                      Keyboards / Vocals

Sue is our band's newest addition from the Midwest. She made her Chicago debut in the late 1980s as the keyboardist for her (now) husband's original hair metal band and has only recently re-entered the local scene, racing towards life's next chapter. She's our lover of all music, from Yacht Rock to Metal, and a vintage girl at heart, toting her Roland D-50 until her chip finally fails. She's also our little go-getter, whom we'll never keep still. A former CPA, she recently logged over 1,500 miles on a solo hike along the Appalachian Trail. Her passions include tearing up hiking shoes, creating spreadsheets, and chasing the sun.

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